Online Classes- 


These courses will be run on a secret Facebook group that we will add you to once payment is made.

FUNdamentals of Foundation Online (Feb-April)- NOW OPEN!!

𝐹𝒰𝒩-𝒹𝒶𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓈 𝑜𝒻 𝐹𝑜𝓊𝓃𝒹𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 - 𝒪𝒩𝐿𝐼𝒩𝐸

With such a massive success in transformation with our current fundamentals online course. We're opening it up again….
Starting Tuesday 25th Feb 2020:

This online course is there to help you along your foundation journey (there is no agility equipment used its all foundation flatwork). Each fortnight a new video of foundation skills is released, these skills are fundamental building blocks to help build;

Confidence in your dog

A brilliant connection & amazing relationship

Along with helping your mechanics and

Better understanding your dog and its unique & individual needs.

Having run online courses for a number of years now and have provided support & feedback to people from all over the world as well as my own struggles with Quest it really gives me a great insight into how induvial everyone’s journey is.

Come along on our journey, be motivated and inspired to get out there and train and receive feedback at the same time.

We will be working on fundamentals skills (no jumps or agility equipment just foundations) such as;

🌟crate game 
🌟Motivated hand touches
🌟Focus forward games
🌟Impulse control games
🌟Learning to play & have fun with and without a toy 
🌟Verbal fun (on the flat)
And whatever else we get up to..

Mechanics are the key to success if you can get your mechanics right and placement of reward it makes what seems like the impossible, possible & so easy you wonder why you struggled at all.

What you will need?
Crate (2 would be good but it's not important if you don't have 2) 

Toys & or treats (your dog does not have to be a toy dog all skills can be trained with food) 

So who’s this aimed at??

Anyone who wants to play
From 3mths old 

Duration& dates of videos


Tuesday 25th Feb 2020

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Tuesday 7th April 2020 
Feedback finishing 21st April 2020
Access to videos with no feedback till September 2020

Feedback from 
Start 17th March 2020
Ends 12th March  

access to videos (with no feedback) till October 2020

3-4 videos every 2 weeks so it’s easy to keep up limits your feeling of being overwhelmed. This is mainly aimed and getting your mechanics right & helping to inspire you to get out there and train 😬

Videos will be left available to watch till September 2020. I do my best to make sure feedback is given within 12-24hrs of uploading, however from Friday 5pm & over the weekend is (Family time) you can post videos &  i will hope back on first thing Monday morning to review.

This online course will be run from a Private Facebook group and if you wish you can private message your videos if that makes you feel more comfortable.

I want this course to be fun, relaxed & casual so places are limited. 


 Working- Can ask questions & post videos for tailored/personal feedback

 Audit - Can ask questions but can not post video for personal feedback

To book please email 


           Drills Ignited


Each Lesson will have 3 drills ranging from approx. 7 to 10 obstacles, these can be run in their entirety or broken down into skills to reward and build confidence.

Each video has Quest or Plug running the full sequence as well as a slow-motion video of this. In some of the drills, there will be some breakdown and rewarding of specific skills as well.

Because everyone learns differently you will also receive a written PDF with the course map and written details on how to handle. This is not specific to any one handling system, you are free to use whatever handling you are comfortable with & break things down to what you are confident with.

The drills will have you doing everything from front crosses, blind crosses, threadles, back of jumps, so while the skill doesn’t need to be perfect your dog should have some idea about these skills.

The course will be run in a secret Facebook group and all feedback will be individual positive and tailored to help you and your dog grow as a team, to gain a better connection and working relationship. As well as help you pinpoint areas to work on and give you suggestions on how to improve on those areas. 

We have kept the drills to 3 per lesson as this is a reasonable number of drills to work on skills without feeling overwhelmed or like you will be left behind.



Equipment Needed:

x 4 jumps 

x 1 Tunnel


Level: The full drills are Intermediate to Master level, however, the skills can be broken up. There are threadles, back of jumps, tight wraps & send n leave. 


Lesson Dates:

17th March Lesson 1

31st March Lesson 2

14th April Lesson 3

28th April Lesson 4
12th May Lesson 5

the group will be left open with access to videos till September 2020


Working: $130.00 per dog-If you have multiple dogs you can swap dogs throughout the course,  however, 2 dogs = 1 spot so you can't do all the drills with both dogs.
with a working spot, you have access to the videos, ask questions, receive notes, maps & can upload video for feedback.


Audit: $80.00, you will have access to all the notes, video & can ask questions but will not be able to post video for personalised feedback.           

Feedback on videos is with 12 hours of posting as a max (usually much sooner) however after 5pm Friday and over the weekends I log off as this is (family time & usually busy with trials etc)  if there are any quick questions you would like to ask I'm happy to help as much as I can just PM me.


Limited spot available so bookings are essential, once you have confirmation, payment will secure your spot. 


To book please email 

FUN- Skill Building- online- Closed 

                                                     This online class based on H360 handling system we will visit some core foundation skill                                                        that we still use now with our own dogs. They are skills sets we should be continually                                                            training thought- out our dogs career.


                                                         We quickly move on to training and developing our ability to send and leave,                                                                     understanding and applying our Lower body Rotation & Kturn’s, advancing our lala &                                                       nana’s. We look at tunnels and how there are much more then they seem...Working on                                                  our Serps, threadles and begin to add motion and speed. We learn about proofing bars,                                                threadle rears, blind crosses and finally the last 2 Lessons, of course, we begin to put all these skills together in small sequences to lead you into our next online class -Drills Ignited #1.

It helps with building drive, troubleshooting any training issues you might be seeing and really creating clarity for you and your dog in your training. 


You will receive personal individual feedback and at times if needed we sometimes add extra exercises and drills that will help you. 

Each fortnight you will receive a checklist so you can follow through check off what you have done & keep notes as a training journal if you like. There are also a number of diagrams to help your learning.


Equipment Needed:

x 3 jumps (preferably winged but at least 1 wing)

x 1 Tunnel

x 1 Cone



Would prefer if dogs understood basic verbal’s, however, we have added Pre homework to teach the

cues Jump, check, Lala & ts (Sprinkler) so knowing them is not essential. Dogs need to be confident

going through a tunnel.

Min Age 13mths



Duration: 6 lessons over 12 weeks (Releasing a new lesson every 2 weeks)  


Cost :

Limited spot available so bookings are essential, once you have confirmation, payment will secure your spot. 


To book please email