Stage 1: Life Skills, Foundation & Next Level 

Life Skills  - 


Life Skills is a really fun class we run with puppies from 8 weeks old. It is gear towards agility but its main focus is creating a confident puppy who can handle all sorts of situations life might throw at them. It's about learning how to correctly introduce your dog to another dog, having them get used to other people, sounds & situations that might pop up in their day to day life.

we play games and for some, it helps teach the handlers as adults how to play again and be fun... It might sound like a simple thing but for some of us, it just doesn't come as naturally as it used to.

Life skills is a whole heap of fun 





Foundation - 


Foundation is the basis for any brilliant agility dog,  training is a bit like a balancing act from ground speed,  control of our dogs, great body awareness & the list goes on. But the most important thing is to have is a good connection with our teammate as agility is all about having fun together as a team.



Using predominantly shaping to train during these classes you learn not only foundation skills to create an awesome agility dog, but also life skills, Relationship building all while just having fun with your pup & other enthusiasts in a positive & FUN environment.

No matter what level you are at, be it a very beginner to an experienced handler.


Foundation class covers such things as:


·      Games (learning how to play with our dogs)

·      Shaping

·      Start line stays

·      Reinforcement Zone

·      Recalls

·      Body Awareness

·      Flatwork

·      Relationship Building

·      Toy Drive

·      Puppy Bump Jump

·      Introduction to a Tunnel

·      Tunnel Games


Keepin on Track -F2 


For those who have completed our Foundation classes before (or a foundation class elsewhere if you are unsure you are welcome to discuss with us) this one is for you!!!! We will be pushing our foundation skills and amping it up, testing & proofing our impulse control and continuing to be building on drive. focusing on relationship and connection with your dog. We will be taking foundation skills to the next level in preparation for the next class “Next Level”

These games are fun, they are motivating and super engaging.

Age: Approx. min 5mths


Next Level - 

This class will look deeper into impulse control, crate games, grid jumps, tunnels & relationship building. Our Next Level class is a fun combination of revising some of your foundation skills, while incorporating equipment. This class will work on your flatwork skills by building value for jumps (using bump jumps), working through some basic Susan Salo Jump grids, spider, working on various tunnel sends, front cross BX flatwork.


min age 7mths





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