I can’t say enough about how fantastic it is to train at Awesome Paws Agility.  Katie and Geraldine are exceptional trainers and instructors.  They have an excellent understanding, not just of Handling360, but of a number of agility handling “systems” and of dog training more generally.


Classes and workshops at Awesome Paws Agility are targeted either at specific levels of training or for particular skill sets and they do a great job of making sure that each dog and handler team is properly challenged but not over-faced.  The classes are well structured and run and they have invested heavily to make sure the equipment is as safe as it can be for the dogs.   


Katie and Geraldine keep training fun and positive and create a real sense of community among the students. 


I would not hesitate to recommend Awesome Paws Agilityfor anyone who is interested in dog agility.



I started to attend Awesome Paws Agilityclasses when I was new to Agility. I needed somewhere to train and teach me how to train an Agility dog. My dog was quiet and lacked confidence and so did I.


After attending classes and seminars, I now have a confident dog, trialling successfully and loving it. Classes are tailored to your dog’s level of ability and you get time to work your dog, with feedback on how to improve whatever exercise you are doing.


I have learnt so much and received such great support from Geraldine and Katie at classes, trials and whenever I have needed them.


Most of all, I love classes at Awesome Paws Agility because they are fun!.



After having an older dog that I trained myself and did not have a clue what I was doing. (which really slowed him down and he had no confidence) I searched for the perfect puppy and wanted to do everything right from the start.


 So I started my pup right from 8 weeks at AP classes. We had our ups and downs but Awesome Paws Agility has helped us through them all. Never turning their backs on anything, when even I thought it was too hard to get through.


 So now a have a well rounded and social 3 year old dog who is FAST, confident and doing better than I could have every dreamed. Awesome paws Agility are amazing. Even if I do have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to class it's well worth it.


Classes are Very informative, clear instructions, super save environment.



As the breeder/owner/handler of rarely seen breeds in the sport of agility I love that the training approaches at Awesome Paws Agility is not just for Border Collies.


Katie and Geraldine create a fun learning environment for both the dog and the handler that just keeps me coming back for more, from my youngest pup to my Agility Champion.


I only wish I had more hours in a day and they could run more classes!



Awesome Paws Agility is simply the best agility training there is.


Katie and Geraldine are not only experts in their craft but are genuine in their joy to see their students shine.  


The classes have a super fun vibe and the drills and feedback provided are tailored to each individual team which encourages learning and builds confidence.


I always leave Awesome Paws feeling inspired, looking forward to next time.