Is a Kayladene puppy for you ?

All Quest's puppies like all Kayaldene pups will be raised in an enriched environment to help set them up for the best possible start to life we can give them. Each one of our litters we have followed various enriching programs from 2011 Susan Garrett Puppy Peaks followed Swagger the singleton and his journey and struggles to socialise a singleton puppy and 2012 we had our own singleton that taught us some amazing things that you just never learn when having a normal size litter. To adding the knowledge of Puppy Culture in 2017 to Avidog in 2020, Avidog is a science-based program designed by Gayle Watkins PhD that we are loving and really excited about. With each program, we have learned valuable tools to help raise each puppy with the best possible start to life we can give them.  Avidog do ofer online courses for  "owners" if anyone is intrested DogsThat.com/breeders 

Pre-pregnancy- Avidog provides fantastic information with a guide to the correct diet & nutrition for a bitch even before pregnancy, so they are at optimal health going into it, as well as a guide to follow while they are pregnant from protein, carbs, probiotics etc. as well as the all-important nursing diet. It also has a fantasic program to keep Quest in top shape guided by Dr. Chris Zinc

ENS- from Day 3 (and only if the litter has not experienced a stressful first 3 days) we perform ENS this is a process that introduces mild stresses to very young puppies in a controlled way. These stresses help stimulate the neurological system which improves the growth and development of the pup's immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance. 
For more info on ENS please Click>>

Below see Quest as a young puppy going through the ENS steps 

Music- From the time the pups are born we use icalmdog music to help the mother relax and of course later when the pups can hear it will also help them. Dog’s Ear is an extremely effective tool to speed up or slow down the nervous system using Music from Tchaikovsky to Beethoven. For more info on icalmdog products please Click>>

Interactive Play & Toys- As a big part of growing and learning we always make sure we have a large selection of toys from soft ones to curl up with, to crinkle ones that have texture and sound. Even when very young its important to have different toys in the whelping box to help the puppies navigate around them, experience different textures under their feet and snuggle up to. We also make sure all surfaces are non slip to help the pups grip to help build muscle and prevent injury. We use rubber backed Vetbed in the whelping box.

Trekka our Singleton never alone with all his litter friends

Quest & her brother experiencing motion in their cart

Quest & her littermates in ball pit madness 

Puppy Parties- Each week we run Agility classes so we invite our students who are all dog-savvy to come interact and play with the puppies. Each puppy gets passed around to new people, new smells and get to hear new noises. We also love having our family & friends with kids come over to engage with the puppies under supervised sessions. There is something about kids that you just can't mimic no matter how hard you try, the sharp sound of their voice to the unpredictable nature of their movement and energy.

Our puppy parties with students after class, its always fun, loud & awesome to watch the pups engage with new people each week. (& some of the regulars too)

Training- While the pups are growing they are forever learning new things and we help encourage them in a safe environment when the timing is right, working with their natural instincts and building confidence in various areas so they can transition into their new home with minimal fuss.   

Nail trimming - making this as easy and carefree as it can be.

Toilet training- with the guidance of Avidog we set up and manipulate their play area to help with their toilet training, this of course also helps us as there should be less to clean up.

Resource Garding- under the guidance of Puppy Culture & experience of our singleton we work on resource guarding in a positive and low-stress environment  

Impulse Control- working with each pup on impulse control using food and their own natural instincts.

Crate Games- working with shaping and manipulating the environment to help encourage crate manners

Problem Solving- Using things like dinner time to set up areas to help them engage and problem solve.

Health checks: Pups will be health checked, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed & BAER tested. You will receive a personal little booklet with details on what the pups have been eating, when and with what they are wormed, all the details on your puppy.


As you can see we place a lot of importance on how we raise our puppies with the idea that future owners will place just as much importance on their health, socialisation and training as we put into their first months of life. 

Health- We make sure both Dam and Sire are fully health checked from DNA to hip & elbow scores, however, it doesn't matter how much you test, things can still happen so it is important to us that puppy owners stay in contact with us and inform us of any issues that might arise. This helps us with future planned litters so we can continue to keep our lines as free of disease and health issues as we possibly can. 

We also have many years of experience and have contacts with some really amazing people who may have the insight to be able to help guide us and provide us with information that could help. 

In our Contract we state all pups are not to be desexed before the age of 2yrs old this is due to the research on growth plates and bone closure, please do your research on the pros and cons before you commit to one of our dogs. Chris Zink has some great research. This resource is a good one to see in diagram form the age bones grow/close etc.  >>click here 

Training- Our dogs are on the high end of performance their brains and minds need to be kept active, they are intelligent and always willing to learn new things. It is really important to us that our puppies live a life of learning and owners are willing to use programs that help build and promote a strong relationship. 

We love to use our local obedience school from Puppy Preschool to weekly obedience classes we understand some are very old fashioned but you can still follow your own path of using a positive training method while utilising the club environment of other dogs, people & meeting and experiencing new sights and sounds while working in groups with other people and dogs in close proximity.

Crate Games- This a must for all puppies, we will be touching on some training of this while they are being raised with us. Crate games can be purchased online now https://dogsthat.com/crate-games-2/ 
$30.00 USD for a full year access and support is pretty amazing value.

Continued support- it's important to know we are always here to help with any training questions or education you might need. Katie provides feedback to Susan Garrett's online community from Recallers, Handling 360, Agility Nation and Wag Nation this means she has access to some amazing minds of the Say Yes team including Susan Garrett and Lynda Orton Hill themselves who have helped Katie overcome any training issues that she has experienced. 

First and foremost we want them to be part of your family, to go on camping trips, beach runs, bush runs and socialise with your friends. Agility and performance is just an added bonus but never guaranteed.  


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always happy to talk and explain things.

A copy of the contract will have been emailed to you to take a look at to make sure you understand and agree to the terms.


If you have not yet received it please let us know.