Both Geraldine & Katie are available for seminars either at Awesome Paws Agility Training or off Location.

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We are also looking into hosting various seminars at Awesome Paws Agility Training


Booking is essential-

IMPORTANT TO READ BEFORE BOOKING: Due to the unpredictability of our weather, payment will be made on the day in case we need to reschedule. This means when you book, you are locked in for payment. If for some reason you are unable to attend we will endeavor to find a replacement. If we are unable to find a replacement, payment will need to be paid in full. If we need to reschedule we will email everyone and you will then have first preference to the new date.

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Grid workshop

Date: TBA


The missing link and hidden GEM for dogs from Pre trialing to dogs who are competing, grid work doesn’t discriminate it plays such an important role for all dogs from balance, correct weight shifting, scoping jumps, ability to tackle different angles, start lines, problem-solving and the list goes on.


Grids are just such an important layer for every agility dog yet it’s something not a lot of us tend to work on. For various reasons from not knowing what to set up or how to, to not understanding the importance or not having enough equipment/space to set up grids. Whatever your reason you now have the opportunity to join in, learn and have a whole heap of fun doing it! 

There will be 4 stations of various Grids, you will work in groups of 4 taking in turns, those without an active dog can help video, feed dogs in the crate for quiet or/& take notes for each other.


Min age approx.: 9mths (for the young dogs we will group you together with Bump Jumps)


Booking is essential
please send

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Time: 10.00am – 12.30pm

Cost: $80.00 to be paid on the day


Brilliant Blinds

Cost: $75.00

Duration: 2.5hrs

This workshop will be all about blind crosses, Bx's can be fluent, elegant and should look and feel seamless, they help us to propel us forward and not slow down. They require confidence & connection. 

We will work on jumping sequences where we will discuss handling options,  work on perfecting our blind cross skills & gaining more confidence in our skillset. 

Prerequisite: Your dog needs to have an understanding of back of jump, be obstacle proficient.

Only one dog off lead at any one time.

Age: Min 18mths 

Threadle Magic

Cost: $75.00

Duration: 2.5hrs

This workshop will be all about........yep you guessed it! Threadles!  

You might have heard the latest update on threadles or maybe you haven't? These threaldes are relatively new, slightly different to what we do now, used by may handlers we follow like Susan Garett & Shape up girls. In this workshop, we will incorporate the new style of threadle so you can take it for a test drive and see what you think.  

Prerequisite: Your dog needs to have an understanding of their threadle cue, hand touch be obstacle proficient.

Only one dog off lead at any one time.

Age: Min 18mths