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Geraldine & Katie are both active agility competitors that are constantly looking for ways to further their knowledge in not only agility but dog training too. Having attended many seminars from various overseas presenters such as;

  • Lynda Orton Hill 2012, 2013

  • Susan Garrett 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2023

  • Justine Davenport & Jessica Patterson (Shape up) 2014, 2016, 2018

  • Zeljko Gora 2017, 2018

  • Anastasia Egorova & Stas Kurochkin from Russia 2018 

  • Craig Ogilvie 2018

  • Lee Gibson & Ola Kordas  2017, 2018

  • Magdalena Ziolkowska 2018 & 2019

  • Dave Munnings 2015, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023

  • Mirja & Matej 2019

  • Martina Magnoli Klimesova & Jana 2019 & 2024

  • Mirja Lapanja 2020, 2023

  • Petr Pupki 2022

  • Neil Ellis 2023

  • Dan Shaw 2023

  • Vendula Hausnerová 2023

  • Greg & Laura Derrett

  • Daisy Peel in WA

  • Chicken camp with Terry Ryan


Having flown to Canada to attended Say Yes 3 day Summer Camp with Susan Garrett, Justine Davenport & Jessica Patterson where they both audited in 2015. In 2016 Katie returned this time to work a dog, having the amazing privilege to run Lynda Orton Hill boy Cool moss.

Addicted to learning and having the amazing privilege to return 2018 Katie & Geraldine both worked dogs. Geraldine running Christine's Image & Katie getting to run Cool moss again. This was an amazing experience and we will be forever grateful to those who have contributed to making this a reality for us.


They are also active in a number of online courses, many of which are run by Susan Garrett such as Puppy peaks where Mr Plug & Katie's video came 4th place in the world, Say Yes to Contact Success, Recallers, H360 & Agility Nation where Katie is an instructor.


They are always striving to expand our knowledge to pass on to their students.

The most important aspect in their teaching is keeping things fun & positive while helping their students strives to be the best team they can be.


Katie & Cool Moss 2018

Katie & Cool Moss 2016

Below is a video done for Susan Garrett's H360 online course- This video is our journey with Katie's dogs from using a handling system we once used to now using Handing 360. 

Puppy Peaks Video

 Susan Garrett- H360

Shape Up Seminar

Geraldine Kisielnicki 

Geraldine has been involved in agility for several years,

has had many achievements over the years some of these were:

(nationals happen every 2 years)


  • 2016- Border Collie Nationals - Winner Open Jumping 

  • 2016- National Master Agility Champion 2016 (SA Nationals)

2014 - National Open Agility Champion (Qld Nationals)


  • 2019- Fastest  Jumping Exhibitor at Royal Melbourne Show

  • 2017- Fastest Agility & Jumping Exhibitor at Royal Melbourne Show

  • 2013 - Winning Masters Agility and Open Agility at the Royal Melbourne Show.


      TOP DOG 

  • 2012 - Winning Top Dog Jumping

  • 2011 - Winning Top Dog Agility

    Finalist in Top Dog Jumping/Agility with one or two dogs from 2009-2019

    State Agility Champion

  • 2011 - Winning State Champion both Agility and Jumping (first ones to win both)

NATIONALLY (nationals happen every 2 years)

  • 2010 WA- National Champion Master Agility with Jazz

  • 2014 QLD- National Champion Open Agility with Roxy

  • 2016 SA-National Champion Masters Agility with Roxy

  • Selected for teams event in 2010, 2012, and 2014.

  • Titling 3 dogs for Agility Champions Merlot, Jazz and Roxy


Katie Kisielnicki 

has been competing in agility since 2007. She started with her Border Collie Kirra, at present she also competes with Mr. Plug, Quest & Vybe.

She has a number of impressive accomplishments such as

Titling 4 Agility Champions with Kirra, Nakita, Jive & Mr Plug.

NATIONALLY (nationals happen every 2 years)

2018 VIC- National Masters Agility Champion - Nakita

2018 VIC- National Masters Jumping Champion- Mr. Plug

2018 VIC- National Open Agility Champion - Mr. Plug

2016 SA-National Snooker Champion with Plug & runners-up with Jive

2016 SA-National Gamblers Champion Mr. Plug

2014 QLD-National Jumping Champion - Nakita

2013 VIC-Nationals Agility Champion BC nationals- Mr. Plug


Selected to represent each State Teams event in 2010, 2012, 2014. 2016 & 2023
Winning heats in Nationals 2012, 2014, 2016 & 2018



State Jumping Champion

  • 2012

  • 2013

  • 2014

  • 2015

  • 2016

State Agility Champion

  • 2015

  • 2016

Being the only one to win both State Agility & Jumping Championship 2 consecutive years.
This State champion has now been discontinued as of 2017



Making Finals in both Agility & Jumping for the past 13 consecutive years 2010-2023

Winning Top Agility Dog

  • 2015 with Kirra

Winning Top Jumping Dog

  • 2013 With Kirra

  • 2014 with Nakita

  • 2018 second place with Nakita @ 10yrs old

  • 2022 with Mr Plug

Winning Fastest Exhibitor @ Royal Melbourne Show

  • 2010- Nakita Agility

  • 2012- Nakita Agility & Geraldine- Jazz in Jumping

  • 2013- Jive Jumping & Geraldine- Roxy Agility 

  • 2014- Plug Jumping

  • 2015- Plug Agility 

  • 2016- Plug Agility 

  • 2018- Plug Jumping

  • 2019- Plug Agility  




​ ​


Helping & supporting the agility Community 

Besides the training aspect of agility, Geraldine & Katie have played a large part in the Victorian Agility community from Geraldine being on the National Agility Committee in 2008. They have contributed in various committee roles over the years and continue to today, from general committee to president, vice president, secretary on various committees from State Vic Committees with Katie for 6years (full-term) to Geraldine's 4yrs term.

A founding member of K9 Agility Club Inc. Geraldine was on the committee for countless years while Katie still continues to contribute to K9 Agility Club committee as club president. They have been heavily involved in running countless trials and still very active in roles from local clubs trials to State Agility Trials. Geraldine was involved in introducing the first games run at club at CDODC (Croydon Dog Club) of Snooker.

They helped introduce electric timing gates and transported the two sets to all trials that hired them for over 8yrs. They taught clubs and individuals how to set them up, use them, and maintained them for many years and still doing today (this was not an easy task at the time). This has now grown into the state having around 8 sets of timing gates are transported by various people.

They have been fundamental in the role of upgrading equipment to the safer equipment we see today used all over the country. They helped introduce the wet 'n' pour method of TPV & EPDM rubber granules on contact equipment (from the old sand and paint surface we once had). It was a slow and gentle process to win the community over and took a lot of blood sweat & tears, as change does not come easy when it is a whole community. Eventually, we got there and clubs pulled together to help one another to achieve a goal we dreamed of  "To never see another sand/paint-covered contact again"


While not only helping clubs, like K9 Agility Club, various times, Action Dog Agility, Vic state Agility, also individuals with the application and weights, measurements etc. They ran a rubber covering demonstration at Awesome Paws on 4th Dec 2011 where everyone was invited to see how it is applied and ask questions.



































They helped introduce Poly wing jumps to the state, by firstly importing Doggy Jumps from the UK the first Poly wing jumps used in classes at Awesome Paws back in October 2013.

From there they helped K9 Agility Club introduced wing jumps being the first ANKC club in the state to use and hire out Poly wings. They jumped on board with Jahzzy Agility to store and dispatch at first DoggyJump and later moved to Jahzzy Jumps from Croydon Vic, to save clubs and individuals on freight costs from Qld. As well as disturbing the first grip tunnels being Sure-Grip tunnel from O/S.

FUNDRAISING for the Community 

On 21st January 2017 Geraldine & Katie ran a full-day seminar teaching handlers as a fundraiser to raise money to purchase Wing jump for the Vic State Agility trailer so the entire community had access have Safe Poly wing jumps for all clubs to hire and use at trails. They raised a total of $2,480.00 (all of which went to buying new wing jumps that are all still used today)

  • 10 x white the Blue Wing Jumps

  • 1 x Wingless Jump

  • 1 x Breakaway tyre
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