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Everything you need to know about starting classes at
Awesome Paws

Welcome to Awesome Paws here is some information for those of you who have not been to one of our classes before.


Firstly we use positive based training at Awesome Paws, we do not allow any form of punishment used on any dog within our classes.  We use a lot of Susan Garrett's training methods that we have used on our own dog for many years and have had brilliant success. Being an instructor for Susan Garrett for a number of years on many of Susan Garrett's online programs it has exposed us to many different handler & dog teams across the world. Our classes are about having FUN with our dogs while learning, they are about supporting each other and watching each other grow together in a positive environment.



We have 2-time slots 

10 min change over time.


Duration: 4 weeks 



Training classes are a $100 flat fee for the 4 week course, with no refunds for class absences. To be paid in full week 1 (no eft available)


Week one we will need you to please come to the “green shed” (Pictured below) where we will fix up payments & waivers. Note that due to payments etc. week one will start a little later and in turn, finish a little later so please be aware.  To be fair and realistic all our classes tend to run over time so if you need to leave just let us know.



 45 Carramar Rd Cranbourne South Victoria 


To train at awesome paws you are required to sign our waiver. This is an online form below 







Things to bring to classes: 

  • Flat collar & Lead (no chains, chokers etc. allowed) Halti's are fine

  • Water/bowl

  • Soft or wire crate (Crates are a MUST in classes, we do not allow dogs to be tethered or sit on a mat)

  • Tug toys (any toy your dog loves and best to bring more than 1)

  • Treats bring a mixture of things your dog loves (examples, Chicken or steak cut up small, small cubes of cheese, hot dog cut up small, dry food, cut up chicken necks) etc. 


If you do not have a crate you can email us to borrow one, however, you will need to purchase a crate. These can be found quite cheaply online or even second hand on marketplace. 


Parking: (in purple on the diagram) 

There is parking inside the gate, one car behind the other on the driveway and you all leave at the same time (that’s the theory)but it doesn't always work like that. Or you can park out the front as most do and bring a trolley to carry your stuff. Inside the gates please stick to the driveway as the edges might look ok in the colder months but are very soft in winter.

Paddocks: (in blue on the diagram) 

At Awesome Paws, we have 2 paddocks. As per the image below Paddock 1 is closest to the driveway & Paddock 2 is the one further away. To access Paddock 2 you do need to go through the gates of paddock 1. You will be informed what paddock your class will run in before you come to class. 


Toilets can be found near the registration shed. They have an automatic light & fan that will turn on when you open the door and will turn off after 5 min of closing the door so it is important to make sure the door is kept closed. This is also run off a septic system so please be mindful of this.



If classes are cancelled due to weather we will post on our Facebook Awesome Paws Group, so please make sure you join. If it is cancelled we do still continue until all 4 weeks are covered.

Melbourne weather is very unpredictable so when booking be aware cancellations can happen. If you can not make all 4 classes you are still required to pay for the full 4 weeks.

Kennel Cough:

If your dog contracts or presents with Kennel cough please contact us immediately,  we will be able to give you a full refund for classes if this happens. 

Bitches in Season:

Yes we allow you to train while your bitch is in season coming into it and going out. If they are in peak season usually around day 9-13 we do ask that you skip that week of training but absolutley they are welcome while coming in and going out. It is actually really good training for males to work through such distractions.


It is a requirement that all dogs are up to date with current vaccinations or Titre testing.

Geraldine & Katie have both completed Infection control Training COVID 19 by the government and both also have a working with children certificate.

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