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Calendar of Events


Duration: 4 week block (1 hr duration per week) 

Cost:      Training classes are a $100  flat fee for the 4 week course, no refunds for class absences, to be paid in full on the night of week 1 classes.





September  Classes 


Handling Skills class at a levle of: Harder side of Novice-Excellent

Combination of jumping sequences & drills to work on skills and apply them to short courses. There will be an opportunity to train some contacts each week but these will be optional.

2 classes Tuesday night 7.20-8.20pm & 8.30-9.30pm

Dates  ( dates are subject to change depending on weather)

Week 1- Tuesday 13th September 
Week 2-Tuesday 20th September


Week 3-  Tuesday 11th Oct

Week 4- Tuesday 18th Oct 

Bookings are essential


Tuesday nights Classes

Starting Tuesday 10th January 2023

bookings open but may not confirm till early new year.

 7.20pm - Excellent 

 8.30pm - Novice 

Please Note no Training Tuesday 24th Jan 2023


Cost:- $100.00 for 4 weeks


Novice - Novice to Excellent level- Here we will work on some sequencing including skills building within the sequence. We will be breaking down skills and working on them. The focus is not the sequence, the focus is skills building and understanding from blinds, verbal's, timing, building distance, building confidence &  learning to know what you have and what you need to work on. no contacts 

Box Drills  - It’s all about short sequences work on your rotations- turns- timing- connection- body langue- verbal's- you name it we jump into it… Working on all the crosses, Rear, Front, Blind, we might not use them all the time but our dogs should still read them and you should still be comfortable enough to use them IF needed. This class is a true GEM!

Excellent - for Excellent to Masters level- Same as above but to a higher level. no contacts

Sequencing with Contacts & weavers - Novice /Excellent level, working on skills including contact & Weavers. 

To book please DM via messenger or email

Saturday 7th Jan – Skills n sequence Workshop


Time: 9.30am to 11.30am

Cost: $70.00

We are excited about this workshop, it’s all about yes you guessed it skills n Sequencing! Working, building, testing skills such as your back of jump, blinds, threadles, timing of handling and verbals, growing distance and working on motion with your cues (that’s a stinger for a lot of us as we send and leave having the dog still perform the jump while you take off to make the next position)   

First hour will be working the skills in a small group

Second hour will be putting together these skills in a sequence.

2 groups will be working at the same time so for those dogs who are motion sensitive with other dogs working this isn’t for you (I have one of those dogs myself). So its best to sit this one out.

Who is this workshop designed for??? Well pretty much all levels I’ve worked these skills with Billie Jean, Quest, Vybe & Mr Plug and each dog I  worked something different to help their clarity and my timing with them. We are really excited about this workshop, we think it will help so many of us.


Dog must be 16mths old

to Book a place please email or DM via messenger 


Private Sessions- with Geraldine

Yes Geraldine will be back running private sessions from Monday 9th January 2023 to book please email

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