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Calendar of Events


Duration: 4 week block (1 hr duration per week) 

Cost:      Training classes are a $100  flat fee for the 4 week course, no refunds for class absences, to be paid in full on the night of week 1 classes.




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September  Classes 


Handling Skills class at a levle of: Harder side of Novice-Excellent

Combination of jumping sequences & drills to work on skills and apply them to short courses. There will be an opportunity to train some contacts each week but these will be optional.

2 classes Tuesday night 7.20-8.20pm & 8.30-9.30pm

Dates  ( dates are subject to change depending on weather)

Week 1- Tuesday 13th September 
Week 2-Tuesday 20th September


Week 3-  Tuesday 11th Oct

Week 4- Tuesday 18th Oct 

Bookings are essential


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Monday- March classes -Start 27th Feb

Cost:- $100.00-to be paid in full week 1 -cash only

Dates above in calendar 


7.20pm Novice 

This will be novice skills & sequencing - could have weavers or contacts 


8.30pm Novice 

This will be novice skills & sequencing - could have weavers or contacts 

Tuesday- March classes -Start 27th Feb

Cost:- $100.00- to be paid in full week 1 cash only

Dates above in calendar 

Tuesday- March Classes

       7.20pm Novice/Excellent 

This will be nov/ex skills & sequencing - could have weavers or contacts 


Tuesday- March Classes



this will be advanced skills & sequencing- with or without contacts & weavers.


Tuesday- March Classes



Details on our foundation class can be found here


Tuesday- March Classes



Details on our Blueprint class can be found here 

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BluePrint NOTE: This class  is not limited to young dogs, this is a great place for some novice dogs to revisit too.
NOW please note in this class we could have 2-3 dogs working at any one time (spaced out in Paddock 2) . We ask that you find someone who has a dog your dog is comfortable with, to be working at the same time (make this note on your booking form)  
 IF you are new and don't know anyone or not sure your dog is ok, please just pm me to discuss.

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Amplify your Ability- Workshop  ~open~ ~

This is for EVERYONE who can sequence from Pre Novice to Masters.


Here is what I envision…..

Small group- keeping roughly the same level dogs together in one group.

Working 3hrs

Running sequences, finding the holes you might have to target them & build on them. 

Not just find your holes but actually work on fixing them, giving you the tools so you can also take it home and work on it, showing you exactly how you need to build on a certain skill to help amplify what you already have to be bigger and better than ever before.


Getting to know your dog- Timing various handling so when you walk a course so you know what the best options are for you. Within that too maybe we find where you need to improve a skill to get a faster response.

Troubleshooting- I see a lot of skills out there that are damaged, through miss use or just not rewarding enough so now you are starting to see these little signs of your dog questioning you, parking and barking or pulling off- We need to fix that.

Timing and Connection…. This IS A BIG ONE!!! 

Covering handling moves like

  • Blind Crosses

  • Threadles

  • Back of jumps

  • Yes even Front Crosses, lower body rotation

  • Distance

  • Discrimination

  • & of course testing your verbal cues

It really has it all.


$150.00 working

Duration 3hrs

Saturday 29th March 2024- 8.30am-11.30am (Good Friday)

Online Courses

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