Calendar of Events

Both Geraldine & Katie are available for seminars either at Awesome Paws Agility Training or off Location.

Please email  for further information.


We are also looking into hosting various seminars at Awesome Paws Agility Training



Duration: 4 week block (1 hr duration per week) 

Cost:      Training classes are a $100 flat fee for the 4 week course, no refunds for class absences, to be paid in full on the         night of week 1 classes.





September  Classes 


Handling Skills class at a levle of: Harder side of Novice-Excellent

Combination of jumping sequences & drills to work on skills and apply them to short courses. There will be an opportunity to train some contacts each week but these will be optional.

2 classes Tuesday night 7.20-8.20pm & 8.30-9.30pm

Dates  ( dates are subject to change depending on weather)

Week 1- Tuesday 13th September 
Week 2-Tuesday 20th September


Week 3-  Tuesday 11th Oct

Week 4- Tuesday 18th Oct 

Bookings are essential


 Classes 2021
Bookings- Email



Dates: (updated due to lockdown)

2nd March

9th March

16th March
23rd March


Pre Novice (Paddock #1)- this is for those who have worked on Blueprint working 1 jump verbals.

 For those dogs has a basic understanding of basic verbals ts Check (loop/rye) We continue to work on cementing those cues and working on skills using 1-2 jumps and cones to build clarity & understanding.

We also start to incorporate

  • Tunnel work, entries, exits & Tunnel threadle.

  • Basic handling maneuvers like front crosses, blind cross, K turns & footwork

  • Work on creating & building distance

  • Skills with motion and connection

Flatwork  (Paddock #2) - This is for those who have completed Foundation.

We work on advancing our foundation skills, understanding and practicing connection and relationship building. We cover things such as acceleration and deceleration, having our dogs understand our body line. Arm changes and growing their understanding. The only agility equipment we will use is a tunnel. 
These are such important skills to lay down so when our dogs are ready to do the equipment they have all the layers of learning so putting it together is a breeze.


Maters/ Excellent level  Drills N Skills (Paddock #1)- for Excellent to Masters level- We will work with each individual team and where you are at on such skills as threadles, send and leave, blinds etc.

Foundation/Life Skills (Paddock #2) - for pups from 9 weeks old

This will be a mix of life skills and foundation. We will focus on relationship building as well as exposing our dogs to various environments, distractions while incorporating impulse control as well and learning to engage and play with our dogs. There is an opportunity for social interactions for your dog/puppy if you wish to partake, we will be working with crates, toys, food, games, and lots more.


Wednesday- Please note these have switched around.

7.20pm-Excellent Sequencing 

8.30pm-Novice Sequencing





If you have any questions on any of the courses we are offering please drop us an email and we will have a chat about what's best for you and your dog at this stage