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To book please email

Online classes will be run via a private Facebook group, we do our best to review videos within 12hrs of posting.  However please note before joining that we don't review videos over the weekend. To be reviewed before the weekend your video must be uploaded by 3pm Friday or it will be done Monday. You are welcome to post videos over the weekend they will be review Monday. If there is something you really need clarification with I'm happy to answer your question on the weekend for sure.

There are limited working places.

Online Classrooms


Advanced Flatwork (Audit only)  - OPEN

to book email


Min Age approx. 7mths

Cost $70.00- Auditing only 

4 Lessons with 4-5 Skill per lesson

Duration: Access till May 2023


Blueprint is putting together all those skills you have training in foundation  and starting to apply it to some more of the "sexy stuff" and you can see as  everything just flows and connects like magic.. If you have some missing steps, no worries you can fill them in here too. 

We will work on things like

  • Focus Forward and apply to a jump (Low height)

  • Your dog’s Drive

  • Acceleration & Deceleration

  • Impulse control

  • Directional

  • Cone work

  • Send n go’s

  • & lots more


Equipment you need:1 jump (bump or 200 height) Cone x 2-  crates/mat - Travel plank or similar.

2 x 2 Weave Training Feedback - CLOSED

to book email


Min Age approx. 15mths

WEAVING ONLINE: Using Susan Garrett 2x2 training method

I’ve always loved training weavers and each of my dogs have all been so different to train, each needing their own time frame and unique tweaks to how I’ve approached it. From Mr. Plug who took 9 days to learn 12 straight poles (I would never do that again) to Quest who I broke it down over a couple months.

When I taught Vybe I put together day by day training for others to follow but I never released it.
Please let it be known I follow Susan Garrett 2x2 method it’s by far the best IMO, I’m not reinventing the wheel here, it’s her method and I’m just following her DVD- what I’m offering is feedback on your journey. Not everyone understands the DVD and can often set things up incorrectly, reward incorrectly and it can really impact on the success of the method.

Now I’m starting to train Billie Jean I thought perhaps this might be a great opportunity to open up weaving online to help others along their journey as I embark on my own with Billie. I might from time to time post my videos with her… but the videos I currently have are of Vybe.

When weave training there is a lot of trouble shootings, tweaking and mechanics involved. getting these small details correct can be a game changer and it’s always more fun to train when you feel part of a group to help motivate and inspire you.

Most common issues are:

  • People not knowing where to start

  • Not getting angles of poles correct

  • Timing of reward

  • Not understanding placement of reward


All these small details that can make the world of difference.

This course all  about getting feedback on your mechanics, somewhere to ask questions and gaining unique feedback on your training. To help motivate you to get out there and train & to give you confidence and support along the way!

This Course will be run from a private Facebook group
There are Guides listed day by day to follow.

2 months feedback with 4 months access- Starting Tuesday 17th May 2022

You will have access to all the videos when you start so it’s up to you where you want to start. (Keep in mind I might suggest you go back a step or 2)

Keeping your training video short is really important to be able to get detailed feedback, the longer your video the harder the feedback is to give & for you to follow the feedback given. Less is always more.

Working:$150.00 per dog

Places are limited I want time to work with each team.

What you need:
2 or 3 sets of 2x2

Eventually-Access to full set 12 weavers but really the gold is in the first steps.
I would recommend you watch Susan Garrett DVD as well

(If you don’t have the DVD or 2 x2 weavers ask a friend to borrow theirs for a month or so) I know I’ve let friends borrow mine before.

To book please email

Please email the below details:

Your Name:

Dogs Name
Dogs Age:

We will email you payment details once we have allocated places.

You will be added to the group on Tuesday 17th May 2022

In the mean time I would suggest you have your dog looked at by your person you use for adjustment to make sure they are nice and sound and ready to start. A common indicator to know when a dog is sore is they miss weave entries, so you want to rule out any soreness before you start. 

Once payment is made I will give you some skills to work on that will help your weave pole journey.


to book email

Dates: Videos will be released on the following dates.
Lesson 1- 
Lesson 2- 

Lesson 3- 
Lesson 4- 

Min Age approx. 15mths

This is our 5th Drills Ignited with all new Drills and Skills to help motivate you to get out there to train. Its about learning skills, improving what you have, working on timing of your handling and cue while at times testing various combinations. Expect to fail and learn from it, expect to surprise yourself with brilliance. Learning is about trying things out, learning from them and moving forward. The course has 4 lessons with 3 drills in each as well as skills to work on. Other videos may be added if the group needs clarity. 


Level: We use all skills from back of jump, tight wraps, tunnel & jump threadles, YES these can be broken down to reward however it's only fair if they have an understanding of the skill we are testing. 

We will be going over a couple of new verbal's that you can choose to take on board, if not you will at least understand why we are using them. 

What you get:

  • Lesson Videos every 2 weeks (this allows you time to get your video in) 

within the video you get the sequence demonstrated by either Mr Plug, Quest or Vybe, as well as it in slow motion.

Sometimes some explanation on certain ways of handling and different options to handle.

  • Course maps with written explanation on how to handle so you can print out and take outside with you.

What you need:
4 x Jumps

1 x Tunnel 

Working:$.00 per dog- (working spots are limited to be able to allow me to give in-depth personal feedback.), you have access to the videos, ask questions, & can upload videos for feedback.

Audit: $.00 per person you will have access to all videos & can ask questions but will not be able to post videos for personalized feedback.

To Book a place in this online class please email and you will receive a confirmation in a few days and a link on how to pay.
Please email the below details:

Dogs Name:

Dogs Age:

Working or Auditing?

If you want working and miss out are you ok to Audit?



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