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To book please email

Online classes will be run via a private Facebook group, we do our best to review videos within 12hrs of posting.  However please note before joining that we don't review videos over the weekend. To be reviewed before the weekend your video must be uploaded by 3pm Friday or it will be done Monday. You are welcome to post videos over the weekend they will be review Monday. If there is something you really need clarification with I'm happy to answer your question on the weekend for sure.

There are limited working places.

Online Classrooms


Verbal Cues  OnlineRound 3 now OPEN  (AUDIT ONLY)

This is an Audit only online classroom

This online class takes you through all the major verbal cues used. From Basic to Advanced teaching and proofing of skills.

  • 25 videos 2 levels

  • 12 main verbal's

  •  Includes all basic -Intermediate & Advanced – Explaining the verbal's where they are used and why & how to start teaching them.

Once you have the basic verbal cue then you can progress to intermediate & then advanced to proof it adding a second jump, speed etc.

  •  Printable sheets for each lesson with written and diagram explaining the cues.


3mths access

Min age would be 13mths (keep the jumps low)

Cost $90.00 (Payment options are PayPal or Bank Transfer)

What you need:
2 x jumps (you can use one for basic but intermediate needs 2 at times) 

1-2 x cones or anything similar 

1 x tunnel- the tunnel is only used in Lesson 4 "Here". so not required.

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Foundation Online- OPEN  (AUDIT ONLY)

This is an Audit only online classroom

This online class follows mainly Vybe but Billie Jean too through their foundation training.

  • 23 videos explaining what, how & Why

  • Covers all the important life skills our Agility dogs need. These skills are geared towards agility but they are used thought out our dogs lives.

  •  Includes Printable Training plan so you can plan your weeks training and keep on track. Each Lesson has a list of what is covered written on the bottom for a reference. 


3mths access

Min age 3mths to 3yrs and older

Cost $90.00 (Payment options are PayPal or Bank Transfer)

What you need:

Treat or toy- If your dog doesn't like to tug (Billie Jean was like that) Treats can be used as an alternative.

For the puppy grids you will need 3-4 jumps but if you don't have them, you can work on that when you have access. (2 videos) 

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to book email

Dates: Videos will be released on the following dates.
Lesson 1- Monday 10th April 2023
Lesson 2- Monday 24th April 2023

Lesson 3- Monday 8th May 2023

Feedback end 22nd May 2023

Min Age approx. 15mths

This is our 6th Drills Ignited with all new Drills and Skills to help motivate you to get out there to train. Its about learning skills, improving what you have, working on timing of your handling and cue while at times testing various combinations. Expect to fail and learn from it, expect to surprise yourself with brilliance. Learning is about trying things out, learning from them and moving forward. The course has 3 lessons with 3 drills in each. Other videos may be added if the group needs clarity. 


Level: We use all skills from back of jump, tight wraps, tunnel & jump threadles, YES these can be broken down to reward however it's only fair if they have an understanding of the skill we are testing. 

What you get:

  • Lesson Videos every 2 weeks (this allows you time to get your video in) 

within the video you get the sequence demonstrated by either Quest, Vybe or more basic stuff with Billie Jean as well as it in slow motion.

Sometimes some explanation on certain ways of handling and different options to handle.

  • Course maps with written explanation on how to handle so you can print out and take outside with you.

What you need:
4 x Jumps

1 x Tunnel 

Working:$.00 per dog- (working spots are limited to be able to allow me to give in-depth personal feedback.), you have access to the videos, ask questions, & can upload videos for feedback.

Audit: $.00 per person you will have access to all videos & can ask questions but will not be able to post videos for personalised feedback.

To Book a spot in this online class please email and you will receive a confirmation in a few days and a link on how to pay.
Please email the below details:

Dogs Name:

Dogs Age:

Working or Auditing?

If you want working and miss out are you ok to Audit?

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