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Workshops/ Seminars


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Nationals Prep~ Workshop


Venue:  45 Carramar Rd Cranbourne South Vic 

Session Times:  10am to Midday 

Cost: $80.00

Various Dates & Levels: 

 (we can work on contact & Weaver troubleshooting skills too) 


Sunday 12th May  JD to JDX


Sunday 2nd June ~JDM with weavers







Nationals Prep- Workshop

We are getting closer to Nationals!

We thought we would put together a few dates of some Nationals Prep! (for those not going to nationals of course you are welcome, you can call it course work prep 😊 )  


Here is what we are thinking…..


Full Courses set for various levels on various weekends Novice~ Excellent ~Masters

Duration: 2hrs 

  • Have a Full course set up

  • First break down the course into sections to work  on various skills within that course  really testing your independence & your dogs understanding.

  • We will spend individual time working on strengthening areas that need it.

  • Then we put the course together at the end.

(IF you want to work on Contact & Weaver skills, get some ideas on training & give you a bit of direction where you need to be heading, we can work with you on that but please put it in your form what you want to work on.)

Cost: $80.00

6 per group so we can spend a good amount of time individually.


Times will be 10am -12pm

These of course can only go ahead if the weather allows us, so payment on the day in case we need to cancel last minute for weather.

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