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Things to know before you enter a trial:


Things you need to know and helpful links for when you are new to agility and not too sure about the process before entering an ANKC Agility Trial in Victoria.

1. Rules- Agility & Games Rules can be found here>> 

The most important thing is to take your time to read the rules, even if you have to read it twice. 

VCA Member- Are you a Dogs Victoria member? To enter an ANKC trial you first need to become a member of the state body.

Dogs Victoria membership form>>>>

3. State web site- Vic state calendar can be found here along with Schedules & Catalogues

4. Vic State FB group-  The State runs a FB group for those who are actively trialling or are helpers (e.g. Stewards of the sport in our state) 

You will need to fill in the questionnaire before being approved.
You can ask questions regarding trials, trial secretaries will post information, requests for help, height measuring etc.

5. Height measuring- Each dog will need to be measured before entering a trial. There are 5 height categories & you will need to do the official paperwork before you are allowed to enter a trial. height cut off's are in the rules. If you have your dog measured between 16mths to before 2yrs of age they will need to be re-measured after 2yrs of age.


Measuring can only be done by  judges and is not always offered at every trial. 
Moorabbin Dog Club at times offers Measuring at their obedience club on a weekend. This is often put on our states FB page as you do need to pre book.

Height Card Paper work>> IMPORTANT to make sure details are correct & legible preferably typed in.

It is advised that before you book in to be the measured you train your dog to be comfortable with having the measuring device placed over its withers. This can be a little intimidating for even a confident dog so please take the time to build your dogs confidence. This also makes it easier on our Judges







6. K9 Entries- To enter trials this is now all done through an online program called K9 Entries. You will need to

  • create an account

  • Enter all your dog's information

From there you can enter & pay (via Paypal) the trials you wish to attend.

If you have any issues with K9 Entries please contact the scheduled Trial Secretary first. Their email address can be found on the schedule. 

IF the problem can't be fixed by the trial secretary they can advise you to then contact Alison (the creator of K9 Entries).
The FIRST point of call is Trial Secretary.

At the Trial

Things to bring:

  • Crate & Cover

  • Gazebo

  • Treats & toys

  • Water & Bowl 

  • Number holder ( you will receive a number you will need to wear so a holder is a great thing to purchase) 
    The Quilted monkey


  • Not all trials offer food for sale so you might need to bring your own lunch.

Once you are set up you are welcome to help set up the ring and throughout the day help pick up knocked bars, help change the course when needed and help pack up ~Many hands make light work~

Check-in: You will need to go to the office to check-in and get your numbers &/or catalogue if you ordered one (these can be downloaded from the agility site for free) 

Once the judge indicates you can walk the course, then you are free to go in. No food of any kind is allowed in the ring inc. training pouches.

There will be a judges briefing where they will go through the course time and ring procedure. 

If you are in 2 rings at once (that can happen) then make sure you tell the steward you are in another ring (In both rings) and try to make your way to the ring as soon as possible.

Try to avoid hanging around the entry and exit or standing too close to the ring ropes with your dog, Not all dogs will appreciate that and will want space. your treats & tugs need to be well away from the entry & exit too.

Warm-up & Cool Down- It is so important to make sure you take the time to warm up & cool down not only yourself but your dogs too. This help prevents injury and has so many benefits. 

Entering Ring- When the steward calls your number and you make your way into the ring with your dog, make sure you are not playing tug as this is not allowed (see rules).


You also should not have toys, treats on you of any kind. Your dog should not have tags on their collar if so remove the collar before you run.


Take up position

Remove your lead and give to the steward (while thanking them for their work)


Take your hands off your dog and acknowledge the judge.

Once the judge asks if you are ready and you indicate you are, you are no longer allowed to touch your dog. You need to acknowledge the judge before leading out.


Lead-out and enjoy the ride.

At the end of your run make sure you celebrate your run, your dog did their best for you so tell them how amazing they are. Make sure you have your dog on a lead before you exit the ring. (You are not allowed to engage in tug with your dog until you exit the ring) but you are allowed to love them up as much as you like :) 




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