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Stage 2: FUNdamentals, Blueprint & Pre novice   

Our teaching at Awesome Paws Agility is based around Susan Garrett H360 Handling system. Developed by Susan Garrett H360 is a verbal based system. It is the system we train and use with our own dogs, being a verbal based system it helps cue paths for our dogs and gives them the information they need to navigate the courses with confidence, clarity & with that comes speed & confidence.

Susan Garrett has an online H360 class room- to receive notification on when registrations open join the waiting list 

Below is a video done for Susan Garrett's H360 online course- This video is our journey with Katie's dogs from using a handling system we once used to now using Handing 360. 

 FUNdamentals -


H360 gives our dogs a clarity and confidence through teaching verbal's, these verbal’s enable us to give our dogs early information allowing them to confidently navigate a course. They give us the ability to send n leave, allow us to gaining distance so we can stay in front of our dog, while giving as much early information as possible. 

We cover such things as:

  • Verbal’s- check, lala, nana, jump, threadles, 

  • One arm Threadles & Serpentines

  • Tight turns

  • Handlers Lower body rotation

  • Motion helping for both the dog & handler

  • Grids including Spider, collection, extension & bend grids 




This class is a continuation of our FUNdamentals,  we continue to work on cementing those cues and working on skills using 1-2 jumps and cones to build clarity & understanding.

We also start to incorporate

  • Tunnel work, entries, exits & Tunnel threadle.

  • Basic handling maneuvers like front crosses, blind cross, K turns & footwork

  • Travel plank for those who are teaching 2o2o contacts

  • Work on creating & building distance

  • Skills with motion and connection 




Pre Novice  
Now our dogs have such a brilliant solid foundation & ground work we can step it up and start to put all our skills and understanding we have learned into real-life mini-sequences that we will come across in any novice course
  • Sending to tunnels with the ability to leave to make it to the next part of the course

  • Tunnel Threadles 

  • Pinwheels

  • Front cross and start to build on their understanding of rear crosses

  • Go- to power on a straight line with gusto.



NEXT STAGE- Sequencing from Novice to Masters levels.

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