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Quest's Creations (Jax x Quest)


With a nearly empty nest, I reflect back on my times with these babies and what I loved and would change next time. I've had lots ask me about various products I used so thought I would drop in the links too.

Thanks to Susan Garrett for enlightening me with Avidog program which a number of other breeders I now see are jumping on it or adopting some of the stuff into raising their puppies.

I loved everything about the program and can’t speak more highly of the knowledge, understanding and ideas it brought me to raise these babies. I’ve raised a number of litters including a singleton in there too and I can say you never stop learning.

Big thanks to Helen who was just so wonderful it makes a big difference to have great stud dog owners who care and something we have always been lucky with.

I wouldn’t want anyone out there to think this adventure was always smooth sailing as any breeder knows things don’t always go as planned there were moments of tears but stuff I don’t post on FB because I go to FB to escape and see positive things. I can look back now and everything has worked out but it wasn’t without a few bumps in the road and I was so lucky to have so many great people there to support me.

One thing I can’t fault is Quest being the most incredible amazing stand out pheromonal mum EVER! As if I couldn’t love that girl anymore she goes and out does herself.

My Village of superwomen who we couldn’t have done it without& Kris who has worked his butt off helping me raise these pups he really was such a massive help.

Toilet training-
It didn’t go as planned but still went pretty well.

I did like the kitty litter (breeder Choice brand) cons were is was very messy and came out of the trays all the time.
Pro: was it was super clean for the pups it just absorbed the wee and coated the poo so the pups didnt walk through it and all over each other.

I later transitioned to the Turf Grass which didn’t work for me at all, they tore it up and chewed on it and it was really hard to clean, i had a lot of them to rotate around and clean etc but it was just far to messy, so ended up with puppy pads.

Outcome: Well I didn't follow the toilet training rules set out in Avidog, I didnt get the situation up because i let them out roaming in bigger areas and it prevented them from full potentual but they are pretty good & had i followed Avidog I can see it really would have worked.


OMG I LOVED everything about it and best $280.00 I've spent on raising a litter. I purchased the speaker and SD cards from USA
Puppy Pack
Calm you Canine
I played the music from the first day they were born. The pups could not hear it but Quest did and it relaxed the entire house. When the babies were older it  was amazing how it worked wonders they listened to their Beethoven & Tchaikovsky with the puppy pack it had every day sounds like kitchen, trucks, kids all thrown into some tracks.

It still works today to help the pups settle and I have the Calm your canine for Plug during thunderstorms. I LOVE IT

here is a free sample



with every litter in the past 10yrs we have done ENS does it work? Well, who really knows (but I really honestly think it does) and if nothing else the benefits of picking up and touching the pups stimulating areas of their body is a massive benefit anyway.

Adventure time:

These adventure boxes are AMAZING I just love so much about then. I picked up a big bag of toys from Facebook Market place full of all different kid toys, as well as adding metal sounds and

Adventure Time:-
These adventures boxes are amazing they are so good in so many ways,

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