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Saturday January 21st 2017-

Payment Due 31st December 2016 - Audit bookings after that date need to be paid at time of bookings- Final cut off 7th January 2017

Venue: TBC Kcc Park or Awesome Paws Agility Training Cranbourne South (we are hoping for Kcc park but waiting on confirmation) 

Time: 9.00am-4.00pm (with 15 min morning tea & 1 hr lunch break)

Working Spots: $155.00 (inc Paypal fee) per day/dog (Limited)

Auditing: $72.40 (inc Paypal fee)  Per day/per dog (Limited till we know venue) 

Vic Judges: FREE- We would like to invite all Victorian judges the opportunity to attend (audit) free of charge. (please still fill in the form below)

To Book: Fill in form below
working places- you will received a confirmation email (with paypal link) 

Auditing- please fill in form and make payment following the Paypal link

This seminar is for all the community where we can all work and learn together in a fun and positive environment. 

Awesome paws are putting together a 1 day seminar in the aim to raise enough profit to buy our state up to 10 brand new poly wing jumps from Jahzzy Agility:

5 x Blue with white inserts
5 x White with blue inserts- keeping with the Dogs Victoria colours. These wing jumps will be donated by Awesome Paws to Dogs Victoria (Agility Committee) for all affiliated clubs to access (Agility committee to work out all the details and advise the state) !

This is our way to help the entire community and hope it will also help with Agility Nationals in 2018.

There will be working & audit spot available, at this stage it will be masters level course but not necessary restricted to masters dogs as we understand some dogs not yet in masters can still bust out some brilliant moves! The course has threadles, backs of jumps, discrimination, layering if you want to give it a try. It has both weavers & A frame. With permission from Susan Garrett the course will be the same one I ran with Lynda Orton-hills Cool Moss in Canada this year (Those of you on H360 or agility nation might have seen it) 


IMPORTANT to note: This is not at all restricted to H360 students/handlers it's a community seminar, this seminar is a masters course and those who participate can of course hear our handling options but are ultimately free to handle how they wish, using their chosen handling system and receive feedback &/or suggestions on such things as timing, positioning & ideas on how to get the most out of each individual dog. We can all discuss handling options, lines etc. no matter what system, there is always lots to learn.


It's about the community getting together, working together, and supporting one another while doing the things we love for a cause that will benefit handlers & our dogs.

any questions please feel free to email

Vic Wing Jump Seminar Bookings

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